6 Ways to Brainstorm for a Breathtaking Logo

6 Ways to Brainstorm for a Breathtaking Logo

A breathtaking logo can add life to a brand and make it more memorable. Many logo designers are skillful at designing amazing logos, and they work with a number of customers, but brainstorming for a new logo is a tough process every time.

Here are some ways to brainstorm for a logo that is appealing for businesses and customers.

1.     Identify Your Customers and Target Market

Customers and target market are a great source to conceive the logo blueprint. A logo design may not be appealing for all groups of audiences; therefore, your most important target is your audience. Identify your customers and ask the following questions from yourself.

  • What is the primary gender of the audience?
  • What could appeal to the target audience?
  • What is the primary profession and economic sector of your audience?
  • How would the audience take notice of the logo?

These questions will help you conceive the basic design of the logo. After that, you can find answers to questions related to appealing shapes, font types and colors that could appeal your target audience.

2.     Think About Adjectives

Think about the adjectives that demonstrate the brand type and motives. Give yourself 15 to 30 minutes to list down ALL the adjectives that could demonstrate the brand including vibrant, smart, clever, hi-tech, advance, modern, and alike.

3.     SWOT Analysis

Used as a key technique in logo designing, SWOT analysis is a must for all logo designers.

  • S = Strengths
  • W = Weaknesses
  • O = Opportunities
  • T = Threats

SWOT is the simplest technique to define any business or brand in a nutshell. SWOT definitions help you reveal the features and highlights of the brand and techniques to conceal the brand weaknesses with the help of a logo.

4.     Know Your Competitors

In order to stand out of the crowd, you need to look above your competitors but you also need to keep an eye on them so that they don’t pull you down. Simply put, find out what your competitors are branding and displaying in the logo. Try to conceive something unique and effective that deeply interacts and relates with your target market and makes you stand out of the crowd at the same time.

5.     Symbolism

It works when everything else fails! However, conceiving hugely rewarding symbols is tougher than you think. Symbolic logos are more effective than picture or graphical logos. Symbolic logos directly communicate with the audiences and make the brand memorable by displaying key alphabets or letters of the brand.

6.     Character Definition

Associating a unique character with the brand is another way to design a breathtaking and memorable logo. You can design a robot, an animated leaf or any such thing that does not pre-exist.

Above all, make sure to make your own directory of logos to get ideas. Looking at different colors and shapes can help you establish mind map of a creative logo.