7 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2016

7 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Major changes in SEO have been seen in 2015 including the introduction of Penguin, new rules for SERPs, integration of social media with search engine rankings, and others. As key changes have already been made, we can expect that more technical and elaborative changes would be made in 2016. Here are the top SEO trends that you should watch out for in 2016.

1.     Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization has been one of the most heard words in 2015. In 2016, more techniques will be discovered to use Google Analytics and web tracking tactics to convert users in the least possible time. Sales are likely to become at least 50% dependent on Conversion Rate Optimization. Currently, individual websites and web pages are tracked for measuring conversions but it is expected that web engineers will become successful in finding out ways to collectively measure conversions on different pages and compare them simultaneously.

2.     App Store Optimization

Apart from paid apps, it is expected that there would be more ways to optimize business apps on Apps Store. More businesses will approach mobile users and introduce business apps to convert the users into real customers.

3.     Narrowed Local Search Space

With increment in mobile audience and more business mobile apps, the local search will also become more narrowed than ever. Content and media based websites like YouTube and Facebook will siphon search engine audience to mobile apps.

4.     Personalized Market Addressability

The enterprises and brand-owned websites will become more generic and organic in terms of market addressability. Instead of relying upon third parties and content distribution channels, the websites will become self-sufficient in organic content production, leading to personalized market addressability with regard to their products and services.

5.     Google’s Depressive War on Content Algorithms

In previous years, Google had targeted plagiarized content but Google algorithms will become more critical to deceptive content like ‘You will not believe what happened next’. The war will become depressive for producers of computer scraping content and fake product sellers. Simply, Google will move a step forward to make internet a safe place for information gathering and eCommerce.

6.     Increment in Interactive Content

Interactive content marketing has already emerged as one of the fastest growing SEO trends in 2015. But it is expected that the crown of SEO will be stolen by interactive content, becoming the most important trend in 2016. Well, the year has yet to start so let’s wait and watch!

7.     Audience Based Marketing

For years, the organizations have spent money in making luxuries as the needs of audiences by using different tactics of advertising and marketing. But search engines like Google are shifting trends towards audience needs by optimizing the websites which are serving the best to their audiences. More techniques like Brand Mentions will be introduced in 2016.

Apart from these key 7 SEO trends, the year may come up with unexpected SEO trends. The businesses need to be very critical about their online sales and SEO experts need to embrace modern SEO trends to continue staying in the global race.