A perfect website: SEO + User Experience

A perfect website: SEO + User Experience

There was a time when Only SEO was the real deal. Businesses used to stuff their websites with keywords and links to get a good rank on the search engine and even Google rewarded that. However, times have changed now and a website that does not provide good experience to the users is the one that gets dumped. So, if you want your website to get rewarded by Google and get more traffic, then you need to make use of a strategy that is a combination of SEO and user experience.

Go Mobile!

April was the month when Google launched its new mobile-first strategy, which was a reward for all the mobile-friendly websites. This update was great way for businesses to boost their web ranking by simply designing a mobile friendly website. The website also needed to be completely functional on all mobile devices regardless of their size and shape. This strategy was designed to promote user experience, which is a clear sign that Google highly rewards a website that offers a great user experience.

Offer Quicker Load Times

Since 2010, Google has been supporting websites that have quick load times, and have been rewarding them with a better rank on the search engine. If you want to integrate SEO on your website, then you must make sure that it loads faster and does not make your visitors wait. A website that takes more than a couple of seconds to load will not make users stay. So, if your website has excellent load times, then you definitely have a chance at getting a good website rank.

Try to Avoid Infinite Scrolls

An infinite scroll is a relatively new web design feature that has been gaining quite some attention. This feature allows users to scroll down the page without needing to click on different tabs and pages, which offers great experience. However, infinite scrolling doesn’t allow Google to copy user behavior, which might make it hard for it to notice your content and rank you accordingly. Therefore, if you want your website to appear on a good rank on the search engine, then it is better to avoid integrating infinite scrolling feature.

Don’t Overload your Website with Images

Images are great for enhancing user experience, but when you go overboard with them, you might end up losing traffic and a good search engine rank. A good graphic designer in Kansas City will design a website with a fair number of images and text. If your website is packed with stock images, then you might not attract any visitor at all. So, use images wisely and when you do, make sure they are photographed by a professional.


When it comes to good website content, it is important for every business to build a strategy that is a bit of both; SEO and UX (user experience). It is also important to remember that your website should be designed for the users, which is the best way to not only target search engines but also offer value to your visitors.