Business Impact – With or Without SEO?

Business Impact – With or Without SEO?

Search engine optimization is one of the most popular terms in today’s digital marketing industry and for all the right reasons.  And when this marketing strategy kicks in, your business improves.

As per marketing experts, SEO is here and it’s never going to die. It is not going anywhere as long as businesses compete for attention as well as higher ranking on search engines. Not to mention, anyone who holds the knowledge and experience in improving the ranking of a website recognizes the benefits of more visibility and increased traffic.

So are you still wondering; how does SEO impact or even matter in your niche of work? If yes, read on as we discuss the impact with or without incorporating an SEO strategy.

Impact of SEO on Business

Here are the paramount and fundamental reasons for you to recognize the impact of SEO.

Budgeting or Financial Impact

Without SEO: it is true that by not incorporating SEO you can actually save some bucks. But what’s the reason to save money when you are losing potential customers! Also when your business is not empowered with SEO, your products, brand and even your website will not get noticed by your targeted audience.

With SEO: To eliminate the misconception, SEO is known as a cost-effective investment as it brings in much higher returns. With Web Analytics and coalescing SEO, your business can greatly improve the conversion rate while enjoying more business profit.

Web Traffic Issues

Without SEO: Have you ever wondered how visitors or traffic shows up on your site? How do they search your business? If you are thinking that this is due to the print media spending or even spreading the word of mouth, you are mistaken. These channels are quite outdated now to create any impact on the web traffic. They are no more effective marketing channels and will not improve views.

With SEO: When you have a well-designed website that incorporates an SEO strategy, it gives your site higher ranking in the search engine. Around 75% of the visitors click on the first five websites listed on a search engine results. Thus if you are also the lucky one and listed among the top five, this means your brand get more visibility as well as organic traffic.

Presence on Social Media

Without SEO: you might think that old businesses did survive and drew an audience without ensuring an SEO strategy and even website, so this can also be true today. In fact, having a Facebook page should suffix the purpose and must be sufficient to attract potential buyers for your business. Remember, this is not how social platforms work anymore!

With SEO: While you can have a so-called presence without SEO, with SEO you get the recognized presence and an identity. You get social media platforms to lure in and grab the attention of your targeted audience. This may go to waste in case you don’t incorporate an SEO strategy. All potential customers will fail to find your business and move to your competitors. Thus, SEO is a must to make your business visible in today’s ocean of web!


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