Can you Have Too Many Backlinks for SEO?

Can you Have Too Many Backlinks for SEO?

Backlinks are one of the most effective tools for the SEO marketer for building popularity of a website, or even a particular web page. However, the question asked in the title is difficult to answer. Two reasons can account for this:

There is No Scientific Answer
All websites vary in terms of web design and SEO strategies. That is why it is impossible to lay down a standard figure for Backlinks that would benefit all types of websites. If you look at this from the traditional perspective, quantity amounts to success, and hence you should have as many Backlinks on your website as possible. But there are exceptions. For instance, if you are using low competition keywords, you can get a good ranking on Google with as low as 50 backlinks. But the fact remains that there is no benchmark that marketers follow.

Quality Counts
If there is any place where quality is genuinely appreciated and rewarded, it is the internet, specifically Google. The most popular website in the world is hell bent on introducing algorithm after algorithm that curbs the efforts of the spammer and benefits the internet user. In simple terms, Google is not concerned with how many backlinks you have on your website. If they serve no real purpose (such as excessive internal backlinking), then the website simply cannot rank high in the search engine.

Quality backlinks are those that:

  • Come from a relevant and authoritative source
  • Use the exact phrase/synonym in the anchor text
  • Woven in the content
  • Are not paid for

A Long Term Process
Finally, it must be remembered that backlinking is only effective when done for long-term growth. Even when you have the No.1 spot on Google, you should still aim for using quality links to improve SEO, and more importantly provide value to your visitors.

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