Convert more visitors with outstanding web design

What if you invest in a good Kansas City web design firm but you end up with zero conversion? If your website doesn’t convert visitors into potential customers, then know that there is something wrong with it. Getting ROI from your website is the prime reason that businesses invest in Kansas City web design firms. So, if you want your investment to give you great returns, make sure you are implementing the right design techniques. Let’s take a look at the different web design tactics that will help convert more visitors into customers.

Place CTA in a Visible Spot

Every online business understands that without a compelling CTA, they cannot convert visitors into customers. However, what they fail to realize is that the placement of the CTA also holds a lot of importance. If you have written a great CTA but you have placed in a spot where your visitors can’t see it, you will be unable to get the desired results. So, place your CTA in such a spot that the visitors can see it without scrolling through the entire page. You should also change the color of the CTA button to grab the visitors’ attention, so that they take an action.

Test Different Web Designs

The best way to find out how your website is going to do once it is launched is to test it; however, make sure you pick the best two designs and test them between two groups. Ask group A to check your first design and group B to check the second. Once both the groups have tried the website, take their feedback. This is a good way to learn about the most converting web design.

Put More Emphasis on Headlines

Headlines are meant to grab the attention of users. However, if your headlines have small fonts, there is a high chance that your visitors fail to acknowledge them. If you really want your visitors to take the desired action, then you need to put more emphasis on your website’s headlines. Use a large-sized font for all the headlines and make sure that you use shorter, yet catchy sentences. If your headline exceeds twenty words, no one would want to read it.

Place Testimonials on the Left or Right Side Panel

What makes people buy new products/services is other customers’ feedbacks. Therefore, if you really want your products/services to sell, design a separate panel for testimonials on your main page. This panel should either be on the left side of your website or the right side. When your website visitors will enter your home page, they will find your customers’ testimonials, which will make them believe in your credibility. This is a great way to boost your website conversion rate and building a bond of trust with new customers.

If you want to design your website in Kansas City, then you have to make sure that it converts visitors into potential customers. If it doesn’t do so, then you need to invest in a re-design or else your business will suffer.