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Five Deadly Sins of Web Design

Five Deadly Sins of Web Design

The Five Deadly Sins of Web Design

It really doesn’t matter what business you are in to, having a visually striking website is probably what you are looking for. Good web design is not only good for business, but is a great way for beating your competitors. So, let’s see where most people get it wrong and on how a good website design in Kansas City can help you get it right.

Flashy (and Annoying) Landing Pages:
Flashy landing pages are only good for two things, driving your online visitors away and driving your online visitors away even farther, (in a flash, get it!).

Fancy Fonts:
Always make sure that the fonts that you use while designing your website is readable. The font style that you use in your website is useful because it gives your audience the information that they will need to avail the things you are trying to sell.

Loading Time:
Well, well, you’ve come up with a snazzy design for your website and the graphics is sure to jump out at your viewers, making an impression and taking you up to glory, think again! Websites that are filled with too much design and Flash animation drags the loading time. Remember, a second in internet time is already too long.

Write for Interactive Media Man!
Remember that when you are writing stuff for the web, which means there are certain rules which you must follow. The basic rule of thumb of Website design in Kansas City or anywhere else for that matter is to keep the content short, sweet, scannable and clear.

Flash Splash Pages:
Another thing which will get in the way of your sales is splash pages (videos). People click on a site to find out information, be it on a product you are pushing or your company itself. So, you don’t need to seduce them, let them in your page.

In other words, a good website design is just the opposite of a magic trick, just as good magicians tell their audience to focus on their left hand, while performing the trick with their right, a good web designer shows their audience where you will go…and then takes them there.