Five Most Intriguing Website Designs

Five Most Intriguing Website Designs

Do you know around 87% digital marketers agree that design-driven websites easily outperform their competitors?

Your website design dictates where your visitors will focus on the site. Not to forget, it is the first platform to shake hands with a potential client and to introduce your business. In other words, your website can make and break your business.

This is exactly what successful site owners believe in. This helps them to come up with a unique and highly appealing web design, just like the ones discussed below.

Design #1 – Heco Partners

The layout of this website flows into two-column staggered sections in addition to scroll-triggered intriguing animation in the background. This is certainly a web design you can’t stop looking at! The website design is based on two-tone colors. At first, this might not sound like an inspiring style of web design but until you see it!

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Design #2 – Superimpose Studio

The fundamental layout of this website involves a basic cube that easily pushes into the screen all along a revolving carousel of thumbnails, forming the site’s border. This web design is a remarkable piece of art and jumps beyond distinctive while landing into a more experimental territory.

The navigation is done easily by clicking on any of the displayed rotating images and you will instantly be directed to that detailed project page.

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Design #3 – Swatches

Swatches is a recently launched website that immediately captured the attention of tons of users. The web design played around vivid activities. It provides a more precise and fun color picker. For any visitor who is familiar with an iPhone camera, this website allows capturing all the vivid colors that the visitor might come across in their daily life.

Visitors also get an added benefit of sharing the swatches or palettes with friends or clients. Color based web layouts have always been successful in attracting visitors to a site. It is also a quite simple layout to add great enthusiasm and charm to any type of business website.

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Design #4 – Andrew Lindstrom

When the design element of a website incorporates both graphics and typography, it becomes as appealing as Andrew Lindstrom. In fact, this website is one of the best examples of simplicity and uniqueness.

A unique typography is the best way to make the text readable on your site. There are countless possibilities to make typography unique and inspiring in its own distinctive manner. If we speak of creativity and simplicity, this website is the perfect illustration of it!

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Design #5 – Tej Chauhan

Tej Chauhan is best known to turn impressionist artwork into a true business model. It holds highly intriguing web layout. The website is beautifully designed by using different images.

Maybe you are wondering; why would a business website offer so little context but isn’t it exactly what makes you know more about the business? Check this out!

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