Great Web Design Trends you Need to Adopt in 2015

Web design trends continue to change over the years, adding new and more visually appealing features to the list. Although a huge part of web designing is about the aesthetic appeal, there are still many other factors that need to be incorporated with the changing trends in the digital technology like navigation and a user-friendly design. In order to keep your website up-to-date, you need to follow these popular web design trends in 2015 or else you’ll lose website visitors.

Parallax Design

Parallax design is gaining a lot of popularity due to its visual appeal. This highly interactive web design trend includes animations, graphics, and content design on a single page layout. The most interesting part about this design is that it allows users to read the content of a website in a story format. Everything in a parallax design website is interlinked to create a flow. Users do not have to load different pages to read onto information, which is a huge relief for them, saving lots of time.

Feature List Icons

One of the web design trends that allow businesses to highlight their most prominent features is feature list icons. This design allows users to find out about the company’s products and services in an interesting way. The description of each feature is listed below an icon. The great part about these icons is that they are self-explanatory and perfectly define the purpose of the feature.

Full Page Slideshows

Users love to see attractive graphics and visuals on a website. That’s the reason full page slideshows is turning into a popular web design trend. In this type of web design, the home page of a website is completely dedicated to a slideshow of images. The greatest thing about this web design is that it helps create a user friendly and easy to navigate interface. There is little text on images that can help represent your portfolio in a perfect way.

CSS3 Animations

Since browsers started to support CSS3 transitions, web designers are playing with its amazing animation skills. The most popular effect of CSS3 is the scrolling page element animation. By applying this effect to your website, you will be able to create a fade-in or slide-in effect to your page elements. This means that when a visitors scrolls down, the elements on your page will either fade-in or slide-into the screen. This effect makes your website look extremely attractive.

Ghost Buttons

Another web design trend that is being adopted by many designers is the use of Ghost Buttons. Ghost buttons are designed on a semi-transparent or empty background without any solid design. The text of the button is usually inside a box made using a bright color. When you hover over these buttons, they light up, making a bright appearance which helps add visual appeal to your design.

Although web design trends continue to change, there are still a few that are repeated every year. A great web design is the one which provides a great experience to the visitors. If you are unable to pick the best designs, then take help from an experienced web designer.