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Here’s How to Make Your Daily Social Media Marketing Activities More Manageable

Here’s How to Make Your Daily Social Media Marketing Activities More Manageable

Time is a scarce resource — one that you can neither be created nor bought. Its efficient utilization is a boon to social media marketers, especially when you have multiple social platforms to handle each day. This post will highlight some tips to streamline your marketing activities and make them more manageable.

#1 Prioritize Platforms

Find out which platform is best serving your business goals. This can be done by leveraging platform analytic reports and prioritizing them in terms of their reach, number of unique visitors, qualified leads, and conversion rates. Create a priority worksheet by:

  • Listing all your social accounts
  • Leveraging marketing analytic reports to find, and list, unique visitors, real followers, qualified leads, customers, etc.
  • Creating a priority worksheet as shown below:



Your task is to prioritize each platform according to the goals it is driving for your business. You can prioritize according to revenue, leads, conversions, and shares, among others. This depends on the current marketing goals for consistency across each platform.

#2 Prioritize Engagement Signals

Once you have prioritized the platforms, you must prioritize signals for each platform. Given that analytics differ across platforms, selecting which engagement signals carry more weight is a subjective matter e.g. a “share” on one network can weigh more on one platform than the other:

  • For example, a Facebook “Share” far outweighs a Like, whereas Comments are important for socially engaging with customers.
  • For Twitter, a reply and direct mention offers a good indication of twitter traction. A retweet can be considered a Facebook share whereas a Favorite is similar to a Facebook Like, except it is a signal of the health of your audience on twitter.

Your business goal will define the best engagement signal.

#3 Create Prioritized To-Do List for Each Platform

A basic To-Do-List will resemble something as follows:



#4 Establish a Schedule

Once you have prioritized the platforms, the signals, and created the to-do-list, it’s time to assign the time slot for your marketing efforts and assigning time to each platform. This can range from an hour to several hours depending on your job description. However, the rule of thumb is to assign more time to the highest priority platform and reduce it as you move down the priority list.

The important thing is that you stick to that schedule each day.

In Conclusion

Social media marketing is a proven method of building your brand’s authority, expanding its reach, and increasing its following. The marketing effort can prove overwhelming, however by employing prioritized to-do-lists it is possible to easily focus on the best channels and create the desired impact on social platforms.