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Important Metrics That a Successful Website Must Track

Important Metrics That a Successful Website Must Track

The website designs today are nothing less than an artwork. The most attractive ones are not only uncluttered or have an interesting layout but are also easy on eyes with simple navigation. Indeed, you cannot judge a website by its aesthetics.

This is not the defining metric when it comes to evaluating the success of your website. To truly know if your site is a total success or failure you must dive into metrics like data and analytics. This is the foundation when it comes to knowing the success of a website.

So what metrics can you measure you ascertain the success rate of your beautifully crafted website?

Let’s have a look!

1.     Number of Visitors

The most fundamental metric is to evaluate the number and source of visitors on your site, every month. After all, getting people to visit your website is the very first step, right?

Thus, keep a close eye on sudden decreases and on spikes. For instance, when you observe an increase, you must figure out its source. Similarly, if there is a big drop, you must ascertain at the earliest why and how it happened. Keeping an eye on how these visitors are reaching your site is also equally important. This will help you know the platform that is working effectively to increase the web traffic on your site including Google organic search, referral link building, or even social media.

2.     Bounce Rate

As per Google’s definition, a bounce rate is the percentage of visits which go to a single page before leaving a site. This may include visitors who;

  • Press the back button of their browser
  • Leave the site by clicking any external link on your web page
  • Type any other URL into their web browser
  • Close the tab or browser window
  • Don’t show any activity on the website for a long time and even go to the ‘session timeout’

Therefore, you must know if visitors are staying or leaving your site right away. A higher bounce rate could also be due to some recent updates or changes made to your site. Paying close attention to bounce rate will help you focus on sources which send only quality traffic to the site.

3.     CTA – Click-Through Rate

CTAs are an inevitable aspect of a website. It is the action that you want your visitors to take. In fact, your entire site is designed to lead your visitors in the same direction. If you have good web traffic but the conversion rate is low or your CTA is not being clicked, you must make changes so that your visitors take a step forward to become a customer.

This is also a metric that is considered in evaluating the success rate of a website. Make your CTA intriguing enough so that it appears valuable and not like a spam.

So if the success rate of your site is low, it calls for redesigning. For this, head over to OHS Publishing right away and make your site successful in no time!