Is Your Existing SEO Strategy Failing?

Is Your Existing SEO Strategy Failing?

We all understand the importance of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – in today’s competitive business industry. Just like a website, an SEO strategy has the potential to make or break your business. Not every time a failing SEO strategy is due to some mysterious penalty, as many site owners like to think.

In fact, there are mundane reasons that may cause your existing SEO strategy to fail. To help you recognize these factors and to evaluate your existing SEO strategy, let us discuss some of these major factors in detail.ohs publishing - kansas city and smithville mo - web design and seo

Practicing Outdated Tactics

SEO practices change every day. This happens because search engines including Google, update their algorithms constantly. Thus, if you have been out of the game for quite some time, you might be using dated tactics which are no longer helpful in bringing results, they previously used to. So, the foremost measure is to make sure you are using the tactics that are still recommended and considered as best practices.

Your Website is a Total Failure

Nowadays, SEO is a lot more than just inbound links and on-site tricks. To capture Google’s attention in today’s’ SEO environment, you must incorporate high-quality content, thriving social media presence and proven user engagement on your website. In case your website is failing to receive the response, you can never achieve any of the mentioned factors.

Too Competitive Niche

You may plug away for many years attempting to get a website in the competitive financial as well as wellness industries in order to rank well among competitors, but unfortunately, your efforts might not pay off ever. And it is certainly frustrating.

But as you compete against aged websites that carry recognized brand names, you might eventually find it simple to generate your site’s traffic by incorporating alternative techniques such as social media marketing or content marketing. In other words, all you need is a revised plan to work around your too competitive niche.

Narrow Keywords Focus

Sometimes, it is not about evaluating the entire SEO competitiveness but all it needs is to focus on keywords you are targeting. In case the used phrase is too narrow such as in the case of a business campaign that solely focuses on the subject ‘men black shoes for sale’, no wonder there will not be the desired volume of web traffic.

This is one of the factors that make your existing SEO strategy to fail. Thus you need to expand the focus a bit and go after phrases or terms that hold a good chance to reach a wider audience.

Wrong Link Building

It’s good to build links but in the wake of Penguin and Panda updates, it is also imperative to understand that you cannot just build old links. This may include cheap link building promotion that site owners buy or spam-y profile links.

The only thing that you need now is high quality and natural looking links. This means putting in extra time or otherwise be prepared to experience a failing SEO campaign.


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