How to Make Professional and Stand Out Brochures

How to Make Professional and Stand Out Brochures

You might have already heard about Miss Universe 2015 fiasco on stage. We believe that the mess was not created solely by the host but by the card designer as well. The first and second runner up names were written on the left side of the card whereas the winner’s name was written on the right side in the bottom corner. Following the general rule, Steve Harvey, the host, read the card from left to right and messed up the announcement. A better design could have prevented this.
Considering this example, you now know why professional and stand out card designs, business cards and brochures are important. They are professional and convey the messages in their truest forms. Here are some easy ways to create professional and stand out brochures for your enterprise.


Loose Leaf in Corporate Folder

Insert loose leaf in corporate folders to make them not only attractive but also easy to print. With a few template designs for leaves, you can customize the brochures for different clients.


These are a little difficult than the former type. The eye-catching origami brochures are highly attractive and unique in design and style. The trick lies in folding techniques.

Magazines and Tabs

Tablet sized magazine style brochures are easy to design and print. You can add images wherever you want. You can use gloss paper or simple paper for their printing to save costs.

Unique Shapes

Instead of rectangular brochures, give your creativity a chance with different types of shapes like triangles, circles, and pentagons. These brochures are also easy to print and fold.

Choose Natural Colors

The colors of nature affect humans more than other colors. Pick an animal or bird to select colors from your software application.



Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress are industry specialist software applications in designing brochures and pamphlets. However, you can also use Microsoft Word and even Photoshop for designing if you have the right type of template. You can purchase templates or download them for free.


The best way is to recruit a brochure designing and printing corporation but there are other choices as well. HP OfficeJet 6000 Wireless is an ideal printer to print brochures at home. Use automatic duplexing technique for printing 16 pound to 28 pound papers.

More Professional Tips

  • Give more space to the product or service you want to sell. Use bigger fonts and larger images of the products.
  • Pick the right combinations of colors. Use vibrant and more than three colors where necessary. Otherwise, try using two colors only.
  • Make sure to proofread the design and content.
  • Use caps and bullets to make your points identifiable.
  • Use unique paper and different shades of black and gray if you have a limited budget.
  • Make limited time offers in the brochure.
  • Use boxes and borders to make ingredients identifiable and more organized.
  • Use case studies to prove your point.

Make sure to test the brochure before releasing it. The most important thing in the brochure is the message of your products and services. If it delivers the message clearly and sells the products and services effectively, it is understandable to compromise on printing and designing.