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Organic SEO: The Best Way to Get Your Website Noticed

Organic SEO: The Best Way to Get Your Website Noticed

Search engine optimization (SEO) describes the process in which an array of techniques are used to fill a webpage will search-friendly elements. This in turn increases the website’s ranking on search engines. However, like any promotional technique, there are both credible and black-hat techniques.

Google has, in the past couple of years, introduced several algorithms that are effectively discouraging techniques like keyword stuffing and outright plagiarism. But even if these methods take your website on the first page of Google, you are not going to make any conversions, simply because you are not adding value to the visitors.

Organic SEO is the best approach of generating genuine website traffic and increasing conversions in the long-run. This is not a single technique, but a holistic approach that seeks to leverage on organic search results. Some ways to achieve such results include:

Killer Content
“Content is King” is still the slogan when it comes to SEO best practices. While keyword-density and page design also matter, compelling content ultimately makes all the difference.

Social Media Integration
The search engine honors the content that creates buzz. Therefore, your content should be laden with social media buttons that allow people to share your content, “likes”, “tweets”, and “pins” etc.

Optimizing for Humans

Finally and most importantly, you shouldn’t optimize your website solely for algorithms, but also for humans. Optimizing a page purely for the benefit of search engines spiders may detract the actual value of the site to your visitors. But as mentioned before, new algorithms created and usually patented by search engines like Google are getting closer to a structure whereby sites are genuinely judged on their value to visitors and not how many keywords or links they contain.

So remember, while organic SEO implementation requires time and money, neglecting will you with no true visitors in the long run, no matter how well-designed your website is.
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