Responsive Websites Rank Better on Google Search Engine

Responsive Websites Rank Better on Google Search Engine

It seems like every business is part of the race of getting better rankings out of Google and why not? Google search engine rankings allow businesses to make their websites more viewable and attract more traffic. Therefore, every business strives to improve their ranking by optimizing their websites. Google keeps on altering the criteria of these rankings by making it more valuable for the users and one such relatively new criterion added to the list is responsive web design. Let’s take a look at what Google’s take is on responsive web design and how it helps businesses achieve better ranks for more visibility.kansas-city-responsive-web-design-ohs-publishing

Easy Navigation

A responsive website is the one which can be viewed by users on any mobile device or computer that they are using. The fact that technology is advancing at a rapid pace and there are different types of mobile devices available, it is important for websites to be able to serve that segment of the market. What if a customer wants to look at your latest range of products but when they visit your website on their smartphones, all they view is over-sized content and links that do not work. This is a great turn-off for customers and a loss for businesses. A responsive website, on the other hand, allows customers to view and read everything properly and clearly. It offers easy navigation, high readability, and optimized user experience.

Why does Google favor Responsive Web Design?

The reason that Google favors such websites is that they enhance the overall user experience. Because digital technology is continually advancing, businesses need to keep up with it in order to survive. If a website is not providing good experience to the visitors, then according to Google, it doesn’t deserve a good rank.

Enhanced User Experience

Don’t you get irritated by the websites that show cropped content and images on mobile devices? Well, a responsive web design eliminates all these problems. It focuses entirely on providing users the best experience so that they keep coming back. Although it is true that the content of the website needs to be valuable to attract customers, but an enhanced user experience also makes people visit your website over and over again. Due to the value that such websites provide to users, Google has a special place for these websites on its search engine.

Responsive Web Design gets you more Customers

Google is the biggest search engine and almost every internet user prefers it over others. When we search for a keyword on Google, we click on the search results that are on the top three to four ranks. That’s the reason Google’s ranking is extremely beneficial for businesses if they are looking to drive traffic to their desired page or website. When you get more traffic, you get a chance to compel the users and increase your chances of selling your products and services.

If you are in the process of designing a website, make sure it has a responsive design and if you already have a website that isn’t optimized, get it optimized now for increased traffic, improved search engine rank, and more sales.