SEO and Link Building – Do You Know the Basics?

SEO and Link Building – Do You Know the Basics?

Link building is either one of the most simple or the most complex SEO concept.

How you perceive it depends on your level of information and how you look at it.

At times, all of our focus is to get links from high relevance and quality websites and at other times, we fall into the trap of numerous guides to get inbound links across every marketing blog or website.


Indeed, what we really forget is that back linking acts in the same way, offline marketing works. In the offline world, a brand or a service is more popular when more people recommend it. The same applies to the way Google perceive back linking. The more high quality and good websites refereeing back to your site, the higher search engine ranking you enjoy.

Link Building Matters and Links Worth it

Have you ever thought why Wikipedia hold the top rank in Google? It is because, link building play a critical role in overall organic search rankings. Over the years, Wikipedia has accrued around 10 million links. Brand mention and links are the top reason for people to visit your site. Links affect the visibility of your site in Google and different search engines.

Difference of Internal Links and Back links

Internal links are simple as they point from one page of your website to another. This is also known as website navigation. Internal links help to direct users to different material or pages within your website. In addition to their navigational part, they play a big role in improvement the organic search rankings of your page.

Back links are the ones that originate on some referring domain and directs to one of your site page. In SEO industry, you may also hear such kind of links referred to as incoming links or inbound links. However, in the Search Console, Google like to call it ‘Links to Your Site’.

Link Earning vs. Link Building

When you organically get links, it improves your site’s authority, expose your site to more people and drive traffic. Link Earning is the term that refers to the ones we acquire naturally. One cannot build these links manually. Similarly we can’t automate or buy these links.

As the name suggest, you must earn such links. The easiest way to earn links is to produce a link-worthy and interesting content. Some of the other ways to earn more links include outreach, guest blogging or data driven content.

Link Authority

The best links belong to domains in your niche and have the highest authority. Authority is the combination of metrics like popularity, number and quality of referring domains etc.

For instance, obtaining a link from a well reputed website like Wikipedia is obviously a lot more powerful and effective than majority of sites or links out there. This is because, Wikipedia is a site that already has a gigantic back link profile and is great to attract huge traffic to your site.

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