Taking Your Online Presence to the Next Level with Visual Imagery

Taking Your Online Presence to the Next Level with Visual Imagery

A logo is a set of colors, shapes and pictures that unite to produce a combined effect on general public. Your logo can be one of the strongest components to help you achieve your business goals. Professional logo designers are accustomed with the expertise of transforming visual imagery of a logo on billboards, hoardings and in TVCs.

But neglecting social media could be nothing less than a crime for your brand representation. Here are visual imagery tips for logo designing to boost your online presence and make it more effective for achieving your business goals.

Take Inspiration

We go through a number of logos when surfing the internet. Sometimes these logos appear as online ads on our social network profiles. Another great source to get inspiration from cool logo designs is to search online logo design websites. You may also widen up your research to seek inspiration from logo design freelancing websites. For an effective and versatile logo, consider hiring an experienced and reputed logo design professional.

Personalized Logo Designing System

Professional logo designers do not rely on online logo design tools and websites. That is because they design personalized logo design systems that suit their techniques of logo designing and make processes easier for them. Personalized logo design system also includes preparing a Creative Brief on the basis of client descriptions and personal research to get ideas.

Conceptualization comes after completing the research. For more effective visual imagery, the best technique is to create reflections instead of boxed logos. Don’t use stock images or clip arts to create reflections. Now choose a design that best works for all media and audiences including social media and online audience.

Brand Immersion

Before conceptualizing the logo, make sure to immerse yourself in the brand and then immerse the brand values in logo. Understand the brand you are working for by looking into their foundation values. Make sure to consider the services of the brand for any social cause like making the environment greener or educating homeless children. Use colors and font styles to immerse brand values in the logo.

Don’t Throw the Seeds

The sketches you created while practicing and conceptualizing the logo are like seeds of the project. The client may pick one sketch out of ten sketches you sent but it doesn’t mean that the sketch would be able to meet the business goals as well. Even after launching the new logo, you may need to look back into project seeds to find out why the new logo didn’t work out in the market as expected by you.

Grid Designing for Timeless Logos

Consider the logo of Shell and Nike. These timeless logos are designed on a basic grid. The logos can be altered and modernized without changing the foundation design. This is why the brands didn’t face any difficulty in moving to online medium. Use geometric shapes to conceive foundation design on grid and then shape up the logo according to the design in your mind.

With the given five tips, you can boost your online presence simply by establishing a strong foundation of visual imagery for logo.