The Fundamentals of an Effective SEO Strategy

The Fundamentals of an Effective SEO Strategy

Link building has always been the most important aspect of building an effective SEO strategy.  It is considered indispensable to an SEO campaign as Google consider the quality and quantity of external links that point back to your business domain, as it is a prime indicator of your domain’s authority.

But link building is just one part of the SEO story. It creates only a proportional effect on improving your conversion rate and increasing brand authority. There are also some other fundamentals which contribute to establishing a result-oriented SEO strategy for your business.

Let us discuss some of the fundamental factors that seem to be far more crucial than link building itself and must take immediate priority.

Site Navigation

Google rewards businesses that keep their websites user-friendly. It rewards sites that keep it easy for visitors to find their desired information, services or products. This can only be done if you ensure optimized site navigation.

The easiest way to do it is to group pages in a minimalistic and single navigation bar with core descriptive headings and a complete list of underneath pages. The goal is here is to take the user to the desired and ideal destination at the earliest and as effortlessly as possible.

Ongoing Regular Content

We all understand the significance of incorporating highly engaging and interesting content for the users. But you also need an ongoing and regular content strategy to keep your site optimized and on top of the search engine ranking. Even if you have strong link building and highly engaging content on your site, it is useless if you don’t update the content on a regular basis.

Even from a business point of view, every business must update the content at least once a week.  Make sure the published content is informative, original, highly useful and relevant to your targeted market segment. Remember, a site without fresh content falls to the competition early and loses its brand authority in a short span of time.

Social Media Presence

Another vital fundamental of an effective SEO strategy is to establish the social presence of your brand. Having said this, we don’t mean stagnant Facebook or Twitter presence. It means that to get social you must get involved.

Claim your brand profile on multiple social platforms, post regular content, build contacts and connections, and establish an interactive community for your brand. Your social media presence should be your brands’ social representative. This is the best way to share company updates and your distinctive offers to a large audience at once and in a matter of seconds.

What needs to be done now?

If you are starting a business or already running, focus on incorporating these SEO fundamentals as must-haves for your brand’s success. Make these fundamentals your first priority in developing a strong SEO and marketing strategy.

The key to a successful SEO campaign is balance and diversity. Thus, never lump your complete efforts into one strategy or fundamental. To design an effective and highly successful SEO strategy for your business, hire the expertise of OHS Publishing.