The Web Design Elements that can Damage Your SEO!

The Web Design Elements that can Damage Your SEO!

Kansas-city-seo-ohs-publishingWhen you are launching a new website or simply updating your old one, it is important to check out the design elements that can either enhance or damage the SEO of your website. Every major business wants to increase the SEO of their website, so that they can get more leads which can be turned into potential sales. If you have been keeping up with the latest design and SEO techniques, then you will know that certain web design elements —although they may look cool on your website— can in fact damage the SEO of your website.

Therefore, it is important that you acquire the web design elements for your website in order to ensure that you increase and are not decreasing the SEO of your website. So here are the most common web design elements that can damage your SEO:

Poor Site Navigation

If your website navigation is poor and there are no internal links, then it stands to reason that the SEO of your website will also take a significant hit. Therefore, it is important that you focus on making your website navigation in a structured and organized manner so that the SEO of your website is not affected severely. There are too many websites that have innovative web designs, but generally lack in the navigation of their website, which is why their SEO gets damaged.

Overuse of Images

It stands to reason that a lot of businesses try to do much on their websites, in order to catch the attention of potential customers. Images have long been considered to be great marketing techniques to entice customers and ensure that they stick around on the website. However, too many websites make the mistake of overusing images on their website, which results in poor SEO rankings. The correct usage of images and graphics on your website can do wonders for you, but conversely, replacing page headers and navigation with images can hurt your SEO ranking.

Heavy Flash Content

Lots of businesses have been using flash content on their websites, simply because they think it is cool. The thing that they don’t realize is that flash content on their websites can damage their SEO rankings. Search engines don’t view flash animations when it comes to rankings; they look at keyword rich content. They will ignore the flash content, since they will be able to determine the niche of the website or which keywords have been indexed for your web pages.

Poor Use of Pop-Ups

There is hardly anyone that enjoys seeing pop-ups when they are browsing the internet, and if you have used pop-ups on your website, then not only can you wave goodbye to your customers but your SEO rankings will also take a pummeling. Pop-ups may be used on your website, but it is generally based on where and how you are using them on the website. Poor usage of pop-ups will ensure that your users will not visit the website and your SEO will also get damaged as a result.