Tips to Design a Perfect Mobile Website

Tips to Design a Perfect Mobile Website

We all are well aware that Google’s latest algorithm update is rewarding mobile-friendly websites by placing kansas city web designthem on top most ranks on the search engine. This update was released as a result of the increasing use of mobile devices over desktop. So, the websites that lack a mobile-friendly design get kicked to a poor rank, making it hard for them to drive any traffic. In order to make the most of this interesting update by Google, we need to create websites that are easy to navigate on mobile devices. Let’s take a look at some mobile-friendly web design tips that you will need to focus on.

Use a Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is the one that can be easily viewed on any device including tablets and smartphones regardless of their size. When a responsive website is opened on a mobile device, it immediately detects the size of the device to fix the design accordingly. The images, text, and other website elements are easily viewable and readable in a responsive website.

Sizing Font and Buttons

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind when designing a mobile-friendly website is the size of font and buttons. It is best to size your font 14px, in order to make it easier for the visitors to read onto the text and content without needing to zoom in on it. Similarly, buttons are an important part of a website and often serve as a call to action. Therefore, if you want the visitors to click on a button, you need to make it prominent. You can add emphasis to website buttons by increasing their size. This will make it easy for your visitors to find them and perform an action that you desire.

Use High Resolution Images

Due to the advancement in mobile technology, there are many smartphones and tablets that have high-definition screens. So, if your website has low resolution images, your visitors will not be able to view them clearly on their smart and highly advanced devices. Using high resolution images will not make your images blur or pixilated on latest mobile devices, which will enhance the user experience of your visitors.

Add Important Content

A mobile website design has to be concise, which means that adding too much text, images, and buttons will only become a nuisance for your visitors. Because mobile devices have smaller screens, you need to get rid of extra content. A great mobile website that provides a solid user-experience is the one that requires your visitors to make fewer taps, scrolls, and swipes. Your aim should be to make everything easily available to the visitors.

Structuralize Your Website

When you have a lot of content to display on your website, you need to make use of a collapsible navigation menu. This type of menu makes it easy for the visitors to view information in an organized and structural way.

If you want to achieve a good rank on the Google search engine, then get help from a professional web designer who can help create a perfect mobile-friendly website for you.