Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development, and the Cost of Neglecting It

Running a small business is not easy, especially when you are faced with stiff competition in a volatile economy. While there are many ways in which start-up entrepreneurs can make their profit margin secure, here we will focus on web design and development. To be more specific, how can small businesses in Kansas benefit from website development.

Hard Facts
When we are talking in terms of the internet, time spans become way shorter than that in real life. Not many people are of this opinion, but the average internet user only stay on a website for 60 seconds. If they do not find what they are looking for, then will never again visit that website in their lifetime. And this is for the average user. For those who are not tech savvy, the time decreases to a mere just 28 seconds.
Why does this happen? Simply because almost a third of all websites do not allow visitors to complete tasks like placing orders and filling forms successfully. And if the task is not completed, you can very well say goodbye to conversion.

Hire Kansas City Web Designers
This the cost of neglecting web design. On the other hand, businesses who hire professionals to design, optimize, and market their websites can expect to increase conversion by 2% on an average. Before closing this post, consider some statistics of Kansas:
• There are 2,248,721 Internet users as of June, which is 78.9% of the population
• There are 1, 748,160 Facebook users as of August
With such figures working in your favor, hiring competent web design professionals will only help to take your business to the next level. And this is what we, at OHS Publishing, specialize in. Our company offers the best website design Kansas City services, helping your business survive and expand amidst competition.