Web design blunders you need to avoid

Web design blunders you need to avoid

Designing a website for your business is an intimidating task. You are designing a website to offer value to your customers and to attract them to your business. However, if you design the website by keeping your personal preferences in mind, then there is a high chance that you will not be able to make a great impact on the users. Your website needs to be designed for the users and a good website designer in Kansas City will consider user preferences, usability and practicality of the website.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common web design blunders that businesses make.

Poorly Organized Content

The content on your website is what drives traffic and when this content is not organized in a good way, then you might end up losing potential customers. Users only read the things that are useful to them and when the content on your website is placed directly on a page without any heading or subheading, then it will fail to grab users’ attention. So, if you want your visitors to stick to your website and know the content available on different pages, then make use of headings, subheadings, and bullet points throughout your website. You should also avoid using outdated content on your website because it is not only a nuisance but is also disliked by Google.

No Search Box

Search box is an essential part of every website. It is meant to help make the process easier for the users and when someone is looking for a particular thing in your website, they can simply type in the words and hit enter. However, when there is no search box on your website, then your visitors might end up looking for content and waste a lot of time. So, if you don’t have a search box on your website, you need to add one now.

Excessive Creativity

Some website designers tend to go overboard with creativity by combining a variety of design and themes into a single website. This might seem quite creative and unique, but it will definitely not make an impact in keeping the users hooked to your website. So, it is better to hire a good graphic design company in Kansas City and get a website that has a consistent theme throughout its various pages.

Poor Readability

There is nothing more annoying to a user than a website that has poor readability. When a user visits your website, they want to read onto the stuff that attracts them. However, if your fonts are too fancy or small, then they might not be able to do so. This will leave a really bad impression on the visitors and they might not visit your website ever again. so, avoid making this huge blunder and stick to a typeface and keep it large enough for the visitors to read without any hassle.

When you are creating web content or designing a website, it is important to stay far away from blunders like the ones mentioned above. A good website design is free from any flaws and is designed for the users.

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