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What Makes a Responsive Website More Valuable than an App?

In today’s competitive business model, mobile applications are all rage. Building an app for your business is undoubtedly a smart move that helps you establish your brand identity.

But the fact is; for some business models an app may add great value to the overall business operations, to reach out to their clients, but it may not be the right choice for every business. To give you an example, dig deeper into your memory and recall how many times did you download an app in just last month? If you answer is once or twice, you are in the minority.

You may think that an app is actually Holy Grail in terms of digital marketing but you cannot be sure about it. Some business owners only wish to ride the wave without fully understanding it. While a business app helps you stay ahead of the competition, it is not the first or preferred choice of contact for new potential clients. In fact, most of the digital natives, tech-obsessed or millennials download zero apps each month.

In other words, an app is the best choice when you run an already established business or when your core product and service is an app such as Uber or Snapchat.

Why is a responsive website your right solution?

The answer is; it is the only platform that your client looks out to contact your business. In fact, you might have heard some clients saying this before;

I want to build an app so that my customers can come to my website and buy my offered services/products right from their smartphones.

So in reality, what every client is looking for is a responsive website, even without realizing it!

People don’t find businesses on the app store but on their Smartphone browsers

An app store is not a search engine to find service providers. Anyone looking to download a new app will use an app store but if a client wants to look out for a business or service provider, they will consult Google. This means that having a responsive website is an inevitable option for your business.

SEO and a responsive website

If you limit the exposure of your business up to an app, it can produce a disastrous impact on your business’s visibility. It is true that Google does index app content but having a responsive and high-quality website to provide similar user experience across all devices is a much better option. This also means that all of the content will be indexed by the Google.

Thus, skipping the option of the responsive website and favoring app will make you sacrifice crucial tools that can otherwise help your business to be found in the search engine. Most of the SEO tools that are used by big organizations are designed to improve your website’s ranking. These tools are designed to boost online ranking and to drive more potential traffic to your website.

Therefore, an app is a good choice to drive revenue but only if your core business revolves around it. Otherwise, it is nothing but irrelevant to your business success.

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