What Makes Single Page Design Future of the Web?

What Makes Single Page Design Future of the Web?

There is a paradigm shift in today’s web design industry. It is constantly gaining traction. With the advances in the broadband limitation and browser capability, improvement in the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, now we are not building websites but smart sites.

One of the examples is the growing trend of pageless or a single page web design. It is one of the most preferred web designs, regardless of the industry.

So what makes pageless web design so popular and preferable among businesses?

Here are the top features of a pageless web design.

Its Intuitive, Seamless and Easy To Digest

It is quite common to land on average websites and greet a few traditional trends. This includes a large image slider, side or top navigation, the main body of images/text/icons along with a sidebar with several links, CTAs, and images.

What an inelegant, scattered and blunt experience!

On the contrary, when you land on a pageless site you immediately immerse in a great story. It is an ultra-simplified web design that let your brand story take the center stage. To progress on this site, all a user needs to do is to scroll. The web design provides a seamless experience that clearly delivers a powerful and clearer message than other conventional websites.

It Achieves Higher Conversion Rates

The popularity of a single or pageless web design would be of no importance if it wouldn’t be yielding higher conversion rates. While we do prefer simple design, beauty, and a good story, the entire context of creating a website is based on one metric that is conversions.

The growth of the online community, new leads generation, promotion of product or person, more downloads and drive to sell more services and goods are all the things,  a pageless website is good at. It is a simple and straightforward design that has proved its worth again and again.

It Makes Iteration Faster, Easier and More Effective

A single page design not only yield higher conversion rates but making changes on the basis of user feedback and analytics is also easier, effective and faster. It is faster and easier since there is an only a single page to handle.

Unlike traditional websites, you don’t need to weave great user experience across different pages but you can just tweak the particular interactions and details quite effortlessly in a single page to offer satisfying user experience.

It’s Affordable

Now the most crucial point i.e. the price. Previously it was quite expensive to build a custom and beautiful website. Individuals and business owners used to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create a website.

But that’s not the case anymore. Now there are several great tools that can design a beautiful website within a week’s time and within $5000. This is something you will be hard pressed to get anywhere else, especially in combination with other benefits listed above.


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