Why Do You Need a Professional to Design Your Business Cards?

Why Do You Need a Professional to Design Your Business Cards?

Professional business cards are not only communicative but these are also genuine in terms of design and information. Hiring a reputed professional business card designing company is essential to make sure that the information is correct and the card represents your brand well. Consider an event management company with thousands of printed business cards and describing the nature of business as ‘event facilitator’. Here are 6 reasons why hiring professional designers is essential for your business card design.

1.     Business-Specific Custom Designs

The professional designer is ‘king of all trades’ who understands the need of incorporating business values in your business card design. Professional cards are business-specific that elaborate business values and purposes and describe the nature of your business with the help of colors, shapes and images.

2.     Call-to-Network Cards

Exchanging business cards in business gatherings and events is quite common but the number of business cards discarded after an event is more than the number of business cards contacted. There is only one factor that is missing in discarded business cards i.e. call-to-network. It encourages people to contact you after an event and construct the ladder for future business relationship with you. Simply, professional business cards create business opportunities.

3.     Brand Statement Designing

Brand statement is a set of your business values in public opinion. Businessmen incorporate environment-friendly values or volunteer educational centers to establish positive brand statement. Businesses adore investing with publicly popular businesses. A professional business card designer will help you open up more doors of business opportunities by incorporating your brand statement in business card design.

4.     Highest Quality and Ready-to-Print Vector Designs

Have you ever considered paying huge amounts of money to Business Card Company and receiving unprofessional designs which cannot be printed? Professional business cards are designed as ready-to-print vector designs which can be adjusted to any card size.

5.     Standout Designs

Again, you don’t want your business card to be discarded by the receiver after an event. Professional designers are well-trained individuals with adequate knowledge of transforming business statement into simple but catchy and standout design. It not only grabs the attention of receiver in a pile of cards but also encourages them to arrange a business meeting with you or take interest in your business.

6.     Informative but Shorter than Resume

You might have seen business cards with unnecessary or incomplete information. Many people want a resume-like business card with long sentences. These unprofessional business cards leave negative impact on the receiver. Professional designers understand the need of extracting most important information from your resume and summing it up with card design, colors, fonts and images in a way that make your card appealing and calling-to-network. It also makes your business look more promising.

Some important information to be included in a business card includes immediate contact information, social media account links (at least 2), a nice logo, and your business statement or tagline. Don’t include a photo and leave the backside of card bare.

When rendering business card design services, make sure to provide correct spellings. A professional business card design company like OHS Publishing can help you communicate with more businesses with highest quality professional and custom designs.