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Top 5 Mistakes a Small Business Can Make on Their Website

Top 5 Mistakes a Small Business Can Make on Their Website Folks, I’ve been building Websites now for a little over 12 years. Things have certainly changed out there during that time. But that was then, and this is now. So what as a business owner should you avoid in a Web site TODAY! I’ll ... Read More

Does Your Website Design Need To Be Unique?

Does Your Website Design Need To Be Unique? There is no denying the fact that web design is an essential component of any online marketing strategy. Even the best marketing campaign is futile if users are being directed to a poor website design. But while this is true, the online business owner is faced with ... Read More

Does Your Website Need a Blog?

The debate whether your business needs a blog has become redundant now. The blogosphere has innovated in a multitude of ways over the past couple of years, and now websites like WordPress offer customized themes and features enabling the average internet user to publish their thoughts in the cyberspace. But what is the purpose? The ... Read More

3 Qualities of Good Web Design In Kansas City

3 Qualities of Good Web Design In Kansas City   If you are the owner of a startup company who wants to “make it big” in a highly competitive business environment, then you will need to create and grow an online presence. One way in which you can do that is by designing a captivating ... Read More

Five Deadly Sins of Web Design

The Five Deadly Sins of Web Design It really doesn’t matter what business you are in to, having a visually striking website is probably what you are looking for. Good web design is not only good for business, but is a great way for beating your competitors. So, let’s see where most people get it ... Read More

How Good SEO Makes You Rank Better

How Good SEO makes Your Website Look Good & Rank Better The best way of interacting with your customers or would-be customers is by posting great content on the website that represents your company. For that you will need a good SEO to help you get things right. You can find SEO services available in ... Read More

The Importance of a Killer Web Design!

What’s the first thing that your notice about a brand when you are surfing on the web? It’s not the content and it’s not the services – it’s actually the web design and layout that matters the most as it can make or break the brand! When it comes to web development option in Kansas ... Read More

Innovative Web Design In Kansas City

Modern Web Design In Kansas City Kansas City web companies will be in for one more surprise very soon.Those who are ready to change with Google will do well. Google recently announced that sites that don’t work on smart phones will probably be penalized. And of course, they aren’t going to stop there. You better ... Read More

Smartphone Web Pages And Kansas City Web Design

Responsive Kansas City Web Design A lot of website design companies in Kansas City are in for a big surprise. Remaining up-to-date in the web-design world is really important.The problem with most Kansas City web development companies is that they don’t stay up on web site technology. Google is constantly striving to enhance their search ... Read More

Affordable Website Design

For all the buzz among entrepreneurs about social media as a tool to gain business, the evidence of its importance is largely anecdotal. When talking of any type of direct marketing–sorry, buzz-riders, but that old-fashioned term is what this is–you need to understand the math behind the campaign. There are two major numbers underlying any ... Read More