3 Hot Web Design Trends to Take On In 2021

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3 Hot Web Design Trends to Take On In 2021

A study shows that 75% of customers judge the credibility of a brand or business by how its website looks. This is what makes it extremely important for businesses to have a strong website design that creates a good first impression.

The year 2021 has brought a lot of new, useful web design trends and these are not something you can survive without taking on. Here we’ll highlight three of the very important ones!

1.     Ample White Space

The first important web design trend you should take on is leaving ample white space on the pages. Pages that are fully covered with images, tabs, and text tend to exhaust users. The visual clutter causes them to flee sooner than they should. Contrarily, leaving a lot of white space on your web pages make it easier for the visitor to focus on what’s important and stay.

Technically speaking, the name ‘white space’ doesn’t mean all the empty space really has to be nice. It only means that the area needs to be free of graphics, imagery, or text.

2.     Custom Design, Graphics, and Pictures

Every business in an industry strives to make its website look nice but the key to success is making it stand out. This can’t be done if you use generic templates for website designs and images that everyone else uses too. Customize everything that your website has. From the design to the images, everything should represent your own brand and its uniqueness. Try to use things that people can associate with your brand as soon as they see them. These could include elements like color palette and logo.

3.     Intense, Intelligent Color Scheme

Last on this list of web design trends but not any less important is using a well-suited color scheme. Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect the importance of color and color schemes as a strong visual communication tool. Studies show that simply using the right color can increase text readability for viewers by 40%.  Spend good time on selecting colors that will represent your brand and use them on your website with good judgment.

Make sure that they are not too gaudy or too dull for the readers. If the colors in your logo are flashy or dark, bring them in a combo with other neutral tones and design your website on that particular color scheme. This will make a huge difference and you will observe an increase in the duration visitors spend on your website.

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