What Creates a Need for a Website Redesign?

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What Creates a Need for a Website Redesign?

It is quite common for site owners to regularly update their websites. May it be a change of some photos, updating product offerings, improving graphics or redo their business logo. Redesigning is now a necessity of every website to survive in the industry.

In some cases, there is a need for complete redesign and it may involve making changes or modifying the following aspects of a website;

  • The way information is presented and structured on the site
  • The overall appearance of multiple pages on the website
  • The software that helps in running your site
  • The way visitors use the website

Considering the redesign scope, many businesses often take it as a burden. They believe that it is an unnecessary, time-consuming and expensive activity. But there are many reasons that call for a website redesign.

Reasons to Redesign Your Website

The list will give you an idea of how urgently you should consider the redesign project for your website. If your website falls on only one item in the list below, this is concerning. But if it falls on multiple items it means that redesigning is must for you.

Let’s have a look at the factors that will help you ascertain if your website needs to be redesigned or not.

Loading Speed of Your Site

A good website is the one that doesn’t take more than three seconds to load completely. But if your website is taking longer than 3 seconds then you know what it needs. When a website takes longer than 3 seconds, business should not expect potential buyers to wait around for it. In fact, you should be ready to miss out sales and leads.

The Social Media Share Doesn’t Look Good

It is common to share the website link on different social media platforms. But when the shared link of your website doesn’t appear eye-catching or even presentable, in terms of description or thumbnail, it’s time to update your site or consider redesigning. Not to mention, the majority of website traffic is sourced from social media. Thus making a good first impression is crucial to improving the conversion rate.

Improper Display of Content and Features

It is true that website designs run differently on different browsers, but some website features and content might not display properly on any software or device. There might be glitches in the interactive features or the content might not display as intended.

You can try to fix this with an update but if the problem continues, this indicates a larger problem probably in terms of support, compatibility or design issues. In brief, your website is in need of a professional developer to provide it with an upgraded design.

No Business Results

If your website if failing to bring in the required leads or sales or if it is not contributing towards pre-defined business goals, you need to redesign your site. A redesign will focus on specific metrics in addition to the focused objective that will help you improve your business’s bottom line.

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