5 Easy Techniques to Optimize Your Blogs for SEO

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5 Easy Techniques to Optimize Your Blogs for SEO

Regardless of whether you already have a blog or not, there is no question that business blogging is extremely important. The key to successful business blogging is not only producing engaging content and publishing it but to make your blog SEO-friendly.

A recent study by Blogger.com revealed that only 60% of businesses have blogs and 65% of them have failed to update them over the past year i.e. throughout 2018. This is the key reason why blogs fail to yield the ROI that business owners expect.

Nonetheless, the real question here is that how do you actually make your blogs SEO-friendly? This is the question that intrigues a lot of fresh bloggers. If you too have landed here looking for blog SEO techniques, you have come to the right place.

Here are 5 simple techniques for blog SEO optimization. Check out!

Basic Blog SEO Optimization Techniques

1.      Conducting Keyword Research

You simply can’t optimize a page without incorporating relevant keywords. There are high odds you are incorporating the right keywords in your content without even realizing. Nonetheless, the best thing you can do is use the tools and techniques that allow looking up the right keywords for every kind of content.

If you haven’t been using such a tool already, Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a must-try. It not only provides the most appropriate keywords but even allows you to peek through what your competitors are using to direct traffic to their websites. This is the first and most important blog SEO technique.

2.      Utilizing the Keywords Correctly

One mistake that bloggers make is that they restrict the use of keywords in blog SEO optimization. Indeed, you should not overdo the keyword but it should appear in important parts of the content you produce including the Meta details, title, headings, subheadings, introduction, anchor text, and conclusion. 

3.      Optimizing Images

If there are pictures in your blog posts, don’t forget to add the keyword to the file name and enter alternate text along with a brief but keyword-rich description.

4.      Referencing and Links

If you are referencing any information from the internet,  link to its source. This is to be done for both external sources of information as well as content from your own website or blog.

5.      Using Social Media

Given the use of social media today, you must not forget to market your blogs on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can even use apps to schedule posts ahead of time and make it more manageable. This is a great blog SEO technique and you must make the most of it!

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