Does SEO Impact Brand Authority?

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Does SEO Impact Brand Authority?

Brand authority and SEO are two important factors. If you own a business and wish to improve its ranking in Google search engine, you need to incorporate an effective SEO strategy. Well, SEO interacts with brand authority as a ranking factor.

It is quite obvious that the modern technology, behind search engine’s ability to figure out and understand online businesses, is gradually leaning towards the fact that how real people normally perceive things from a more traditional marketing perspective.

Thus, to help you understand better, let us discuss how brand authority influences your ranking and how SEO can interact.

 Main Metrics That Define a Good Brand Authority

The three fundamental factors that come into play include authority, expertise, and trustworthiness. When we speak of expertise, it means your knowledge level as well as the value you can offer on a given subject. The authority is more about how established is your brand, both online and in your industry.

Trustworthiness, on the other hand, is about how much industry peers and customers trust that your content, business, and your services are all top quality.

When we measure these basic factors, there is a range of metrics to consider in the order receiving the full picture. All of these factors individually strengthen the search rank. While there are several ways to do it, all of these measures are always part of an effective SEO strategy.

For instance, one way is the branded search volume. It can also be determined by knowing how many people searched for your business by name and instead of searching for ‘cosmetic’. For instance, people might search for Maybelline than cosmetic as the brand is well established. This includes content, branded products, and even social media.


Site links and the number of backlinks on a site are also essential. In fact, if we consider the different ranking studies, there is a more direct correlation between the site’s position in the SERPs and the number of backlinks.

Having said this, we don’t mean that you should incorporate spam links or opt for unethical practices to build these links. In this way, you are more likely to get penalized by Google.

Social Mentions

In addition to that, social mentions are another key factor. This help in improving the brand authority. Also, the user-generated content and transparency that usually come with social mentions and social media, improve trust from all other users while helping you to be favored by the search engine.

Other Factors

Other major metrics to keep a proper eye on including knowledge graph integration, co-citation with competitors and competitors bidding on the brand in lists. All of this shows that people are actually talking about the brand and interacting with your site content and brand more organically. This helps in establishing the brand while raising authority in the search engine.

So if you need an SEO expert who can give you professional insight on these metrics, contact KC Web Designs right away.

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