How can you use web design aspects to keep the visitors hooked to your website?

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How can you use web design aspects to keep the visitors hooked to your website?

Every business that has an online presence wants to achieve one thing; more traffic on their website. However, bringing people to visit your website is one thing and making them stay is another. Indeed, keeping visitors hooked to your website is a crucial task, especially when you have to do that with the help of your website’s design.

Let’s take a look at a few ways with the help of which businesses can keep their visitors’ interested in their website.

Choose a Larger Font Size

Fonts might seem small as compared to your huge website, but they are vital for a website’s success. When you make use of a small font size, your visitors might find it hard to read onto your content. This will act as a nuisance and your visitors will immediately leave your website. Therefore, make use of a larger and clearer font which is easily readable.

Don’t go Crazy on Typefaces

There are numerous attractive typefaces that you might want to use, but when you use a combination of different fonts on your website, it becomes hard to read through the content. Don’t annoy your visitors and make use of two to three fonts which are easily readable.

Keep your Design Simple

A web designer in Kansas City will never add too many graphics, images, flashy fonts, and decorations on a website. There was a time when these design ideas were in trend, but that time is long behind us, and now is the time to keep your website simple and classy. Therefore, when you get your website designed by a Kansas web design company, make sure that it is clear of any clutter. A clean website design will definitely keep the visitors attention hooked to your content.

Say No to Stock Images

If you are planning on saving money by buying stock photos for your website, then stop right there. Stock images might save you lots of money, but they are totally un-cool. These images are not good quality and they often lack purpose. Always get images photographed by a professional and then make use of them on your website. This will make your website look credible and not a scam site with lots of stock images.

Make use of Heading and Sub-Headings

If you don’t want your visitors to get lost in the content of your website, then make things simple for them by adding headings, subheadings, and bullet points on your website. Headings will give the visitors an idea of the content that is present on a page. These things give direction to the visitors, saving them lots of time. Make sure you make use of headings for announcements and things that you want the visitors to focus on.


A good graphic designer in Kansas City will help develop a website by keeping all of the above components in mind. A website that makes things easier for the visitors and offers them great value is the one that is able to keep them hooked for longer.

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