A Poorly Designed Website Damages Your Brand Identity

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A Poorly Designed Website Damages Your Brand Identity

In modern times, it is easy to develop or design a website. Even a beginner can design a website, using plenty of hosting platforms and designing tools available out there. All these tools easily help you put together a well-designed website. But should you?


Before you consider playing around distinctive web designs, you must understand that a website has the potential to make or break your brand identity. Not to mention, a poorly designed website may send your visitor running for the hills.

According to industry experts, considering the entire marketing strategy of a business, a website is the one most overlooked factor by businesses. Indeed, if we speak of the very first business platform that plays a significant role in converting a visitor into a client; it is the well-designed and an authentic website.

A poorly structured website works as a repellent for your visitor and damages your brand identity and reputation. To help you understand the importance of a good website, let us have a look at the great benefits of developing as well as maintaining a good looking website layout.

Improved Conversion Rate and Customer Engagement

Any business that offers a well-designed and well-organized website, their visitors can promptly find what product and services they are looking for. In other words, an organized site drops off the likelihood of diverting visitors to competitors’ website.

A good looking website symbolized with providing the better user experience. It offers an organized and instant platform to visitors, helping them establish contact with the business and to purchase the offered products and services.

Following are some of the features that fall into the poorly designed web layout.

  • Cluttered/complex layouts
  • Pop up ads or flamboyant advertisements
  • Inappropriate font size impacting readability
  • Single tone site, boring layout and lack of colors
  • Excessive and irrelevant content and slow loading time

So does your business website contain any of these factors?

Brand Identity and Awareness

It is no surprise that a poorly structured website drastically damages the brand authority. To be real, your brand identity and perception is everything for your business success. For instance, if you are looking for a restaurant and you come across a run down, outdated and unorganized restaurant, will you stop by and have dinner over there? Even though the restaurant is famous for offering the best tacos, you would prefer going to the restaurant that is well-organized, stylish and offers interesting and fresh interior.

This is exactly the concept that also applies to a website. Regardless the quality of your goods and services, the foremost thing to attract visitors and to establish a brand authority is to have a well-designed and professional looking website.

Improved SEO

When we speak of the well-designed website, the idea is not limited to its overall appearance but it incorporates the marketing strategy involved in designing the website. A good website is the one that appears good and improves your search engine rankings. It incorporates an SEO strategy that is a long-term business strategy to improve conversion rates.

Nevertheless, SEO is the web component that only experts can help you get right so if you need to re-vamp or design a website, leave the job to the professional like OHS Publishing to get the best results.

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